The Five Kingdoms

Luck of the draw

Session 1

In the city of Rana there is a monthly gathering. Young adventures and veterans alike go to the Hangman’s Rope tavern and inn, there merchants and nobles come to hire guards and help for the upcoming season. This season the vaunted adventure turned merchant Octavio Onjumanes arrived with a large bag of tokens and the intent of hiring guards for his caravan. He passed the bag around to all those seeking employment, asking them to draw a token and those with a matching symbol would be hired. Seven adventures drew a matching symbol and disappeared.
p. Those seven adventures, Dox, Brella, Cargash, Hale, Ogre, Harbeck and Bharhash found themselves standing on a grassy plain. Sporting a mystical five dot mark on their forearms and a compulsion to move northward they started on their adventure. The traveled throughout the day along a hunting trail until camping for the night. It was near dawn when they were awakened by screams and a monstrous roar.
p. A small group of travelers were under attack. The adventures were quick to intercede and found themselves in a heated battle. A young white dragon and a cadre of white dragonborn mercenaries murdered the travelers and set upon the would be heroes. It was a brutal battle in which Harbeck the dwarven fighter and Bharhash the dragonborn warlord almost lost their lives. Through magic and steel the adventures were victorious but the mystery behind the travelers and their attackers deepened.
p. Inside of the traveler’s cart was a young eldarin princess in a glass top coffin, magically frozen in time. The travelers were members of the “Goodwill Adventures Guild” and they were tasked with taking the princess the Forever Glade, an eldarin enclave. Feeling that this was the reason they were they, they took up the fallen traveler’s quest. The dragonborn who attacked them were followers of Tiamat and seemed to be after the princess as well.
p. The adventures made their way to the Forever Glade and after dispatching a nasty pack of wolves arrived at their destination. At the glade they met with King Shem Asail Silversword who rewarded them for their valor and selflessness. While the adventures prepared for a feast in their honor Ogre, a half-orc scout sought answers to the token and their mysterious arrival on the plains.
p. He was magically deceived by a trio of eldarin enchanters and his token stolen. However, Dox overheard the shenanigans and followed one of the enchanters as he made his escape. Dox recovered the token with assistance from the glade guards. The enchanter claimed there was great power in the token and its symbol was part of the magical formula of creation. The magistrate of the Forever Glade dismessed the murderous enchanter and sent him to the dungeon.
p. At the party the adventures began to enjoy themselves. But before they could hoist their first ale the glade came under assault of Tiamat’s forces. The adventures were ready but before they could enter the battle they disappeared.



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