The Five Kingdoms

Bones and Blood

Your title here…Dox, Brella, Cargash, Hale, Ogre, Harbeck and Bharhash arrive through unknown mystical means in quiet mountain pass. Along with them a mysterious memember of thier party and Ogre is missing. It isn’t long before the are discovered by a group of troops, beaten and exhausted. Thier leader, General Shyian Redman explains that thier forces are being pursued up the mountain.

The forces of the Crimson King has sent the skeleton forces led by a feroucis barbarian woman to destroy them. the last bastion of hope for the soldiers is a old fort set in a deep gorge. The group set out to prepare for a stand against superior forces.

While preparing for the assault a winter storm settled over the mountain. The skeletons poured into the valley but with blood, fire and ingenuity the heros won the day, but at a cost. Bharhash and Harbeck lost thier lives.

After waiting out the storm in the fort they realized that the climb down the mountain was impossible. Lauder, General Redman’s second in command discovered a cave that could lead them off the mountain and help them survive.



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